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Go, therefore, and make disciples of all people... (Matthew 29:19)
Proclaim the Gospel to every creature...(Mark 16:15)

Parish Registration

October Calendar

Office Hours

Mon – Thurs
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Worship and Liturgy Schedule

Weekend Masses
    Saturday Vigil, 5:30 PM
    Summer Sunday Mass
       Father´s Day to
       Labor Day at 9:30 AM

Weekday Masses
    Daily Morning Mass
       Tue, Wed, Thu, 8:00 AM
       Fri, 9:00 AM

Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Saturday 4:30 PM
       Also, by Appointment

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    First Fri of Month
       9:30 AM to 9:00 PM

At A Glance

Thursday, Sept 24
    8:00 AM Daily Mass
       Mary Kestell
    2:00 PM Hope House
       Food Prep
    7:00 PM Knights´ Officer
       & Directors´ Meeting

Friday, Sept 25
    5:30 AM B.F.F.
    9:00 AM Daily Mass
       Dr. James Condon
    9:30 AM Women´s Share
       The Word Circle
    9:30 AM SJFS

Saturday, Sept 26
    Coats for Kids
    8:30 AM Aerobics
    4:30 PM Reconciliation
    5:30 PM Mass
       Robert Dellwo

Sunday, Sept 27
    26th in Ordinary Time
    Coats for Kids
    8:30 AM Mass
       Patricia Mangan
    9:30 AM Knights´ Coats
       for Kids Breakfast
    9:45 AM RE K–5 Classes
    11:00 AM Mass
       Robert Dellwo
    9:30 AM Knights´ Coats
       for Kids Breakfast

Monday, Sept 28
       Robert Jewett
    7:00 PM Boy Scouts

Tuesday, Sept 29
    8:00 AM Daily Mass
       Willa Hulett
    9:30 AM Avalon Mass
    10:30 AM Northpointe
    4:00 PM Men´s Reflection
    7:00 AM Women
       of Grace

Wednesday, Sept 30
    8:00 AM Daily Mass
       Caitlin Conley
    10:00 AM Quilt Charmers
    6:00 PM Mass
    7:00 PM RCIA
       for Everyone

Thursday, Oct 1
    8:00 AM Daily Mass
       Mary Helen Morrill
    7:00 PM Prayer Shawl
    7:00 PM Knights´ Council
       Dinner Meeting

Friday, Oct 2
    5:34 AM First Friday
       Mass and B.F.F.
    9:00 AM Daily Mass
       Mary Helen Morrill
    9:30 AM Women´s Share
       The Word Circle
    9:30 AM SJFS
    9:30 AMAdoration

Saturday, Oct 3
    Food Sunday
    8:30 AM Aerobics
    4:30 PM Reconciliation
    5:30 PM Mass
    6:30 PM Oktoberfest

Sunday, Oct 4
    27th in Ordinary Time
    Food Sunday
    BP Checks
    8:30 AM Mass
    9:45 AM Food Sunday
       Breakfast & RE K-5
    11:00 AM Mass
    12:00 PM Altar Server

Monday, Oct 5
    9:30 AM Wisdom Works
    7:00 PM Boy Scouts

Tuesday, Oct 6
    8:00 AM Daily Mass
       Emma Marques
    9:30 AM Nursing
       Home Ministry
    1:00 PM Deacon Pat´s
       Sacrament Studay
    4:00 PM Men´s Reflection

Wednesday, Oct 7
    8:00 AM Daily Mass
    10:00 AM Quilt Charmers
    6:00 PM Mass
    7:00 PM RCIA
       for Everyone

Thursday, Oct 8
    8:00 AM Daily Mass

Friday, Oct 9
    9:00 AM Daily Mass
       Bradley Johnson
    9:30 AM Women´s Share
       The Word Circle
    9:30 AM SJFS

Saturday, Oct 10
    Knights´ Informational
    Pajama Collection
    8:30 AM Aerobics
    10:00 AM Craft and
       Hobby Circle
    4:30 PM Reconciliation
    5:30 PM Mass
    6:30 pM Knights´ Wives
       Appreciation Dinner

Sunday, Oct 11
    28th in Ordinary Time
    Knights´ Informational
    Pajama Collection
    8:30 AM Mass
    9:45 AM Discipleship
       Gathering & RE K-5
    11:00 AM Mass

Facility Use

Do you want to use our Parish Facilities for a private party? Here are the guidelines, and contracts. Please check with the Parish office for availibility and usage permission.

Facility Use Guidelines

Message from our New Youth Minister!

The Kick Off event for Youth Group has been scheduled for the weekend of Oct 24th-25th, in conjunction with the parish Halloween Carnival. Watch the bulletin for more details!

Greetings St. Joseph Parish! My name is Joshua Haxton and I have the privilege of being your new Youth Minister. It is a deep honor to be coming to minister to you. I look forward to meeting all of you. I am excited to be moving back to Spokane. I was born in Idaho, but I count Spokane as my hometown. I attended St. Thomas More School, and my family was a member of that parish for many years. I graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Philosophy, and just completed a Master’s degree in Theology from the University of Notre Dame specializing in Systematic Theology.

To the youth of the parish, I look forward to working with all of you to develop the programs at St. Joseph that you want. I am here to facilitate and encourage your vision of the youth ministry program. This is your program and I want to help you make it into what you want it to be. Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@StJoeColbertYM) to say hi, or to give me your suggestions on how to make the program a success.

To the parents, I am excited to be your partner in the religious education of your children. I know that what I do is small in comparison to the examples you all set for your children in the home, yet, I will give what little I have in service to the parish and especially to our youth. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Return of Mid-Week Mass & RCIA

You will notice from the calendar that this week marks the return of the Wednesday evening Mass at 6:00 PM. Following Mass Father Brian will be teaching the RCIA for Everyone class. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the church, this RCIA class is for you. However, the set up of the class is such that it works for everyone. If you are already a full–fledged member of the church but hunger for more opportunities for education and spiritual renewal, this RCIA class is also for you!!


Eucharistic Minister Training & Refresher

Tuesday, Sept 29th at 7:00 PM Father Brian will have a quick refresher/training course for all those who serve as Eucharistic Ministers or would like to. As he says, "It´s more about training me!"


Altar Server Training

On Sunday, October 4th following the 11:00 AM Mass Deacon Joe will be doing Altar Server training for new servers and experienced servers alike. If your child is a server, or would like to be, please plan to attend. Thanks!


Wisdomworks for Seniors

Join Sr Roberta Lamanna and Sr Rosemary Thielman for another installment of Wisdomworks for Seniors. The Sisters will be with us on Monday, Sept 28th from 9:30 AM until noon. The morning is sure to be filled with laughter, good stories, fellowship, and meaningful discussion. There is no charge for this workshop. Refreshments will be served! Also, as promised the Sisters will share their video from their Lesotho, Africa adventure!


Sacraments Study with Deacon Pat

God Touches Us — Deacon Pat Bradley will facilitate this nine week study of how God touches us through sacramental signs. Tuesday afternoons 1:00 p.m.


Retreat Opportunity

Bacon, Faith, & Fellowship, the men´s prayer and faith study group, is sponsoring a retreat for the men of the parish. The retreat leaders will make a presentation to the entire parish entitled, "Living Your Catholic Faith" on Friday, Oct 16th beginning at 7:00 PM. The presentation will run until 8:30 and will be followed up with a Pizza Social. On Saturday, Oct 17th the men of the parish will meet for their retreat from 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM. More details to come!!


Welcome New Custodian

We would like to welcome Dean Loberg to the staff of St Joseph Parish. Dean has been hired to be our custodian fulfilling janitorial, maintenance, and yard care services for the parish facility. Dean will be working 25 hours per week. If you see Dean around, please welcome him!


Family Faith Formation

We are beginning a new faith formation experience for the whole family! Starting this Fall, following the 8:30 AM Mass, we will have contemporary Christian Music in the Sanctuary before the childrens´ Religious Education Classes. Fr. Brian will then lead a series of learning lectures for the parents, and any other adults who want to go deeper into our rich Catholic heritage, ending in small group sessions in the St Francis fellowship hall.

Attend either Mass, and stay late, or come early for this fun new worship service. Look here and on the website or more information. Contact Alisa Kostecka at 509–710–7559 to learn more how you can help grow this new and exciting ministry here at St. Joseph!


Pumpkins and Corn Stalks Needed

Plans are being made for the upcoming Oktoberfest to be held here on Saturday, October 3rd. The committee is looking for pumpkins (small) for the children to decorate as well as larger ones to be used for decorating the hall. Corn stalks are also needed. If you have any you are willing to donate, please bring them to church. Pumpkins need to be brought into the building or the deer will devour them! Corn stalks can be placed on the patio outside the dining room. Questions? Call Sharon Randall at 468–9949.Thank


Men’s Reflection

Please note that the Men’s Reflection time has moved from Tuesday mornings at 7:00 AM to Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 PM.



Mass Intentions

You will notice that we now denote in the weekly bulletin who the Masses are being offered for each day. Offering Mass for a special intention is a long standing tradition in the Catholic Church. It is usually considered that special graces are obtained for whom the Mass is said. Masses are offered for many reasons: for the souls in purgatory, in remembrance for someone who is deceased, or even in honor of a birthday. If you would like to have a Mass said for someone, go to the Parish Office. They will help you with the dates and times which are available. Cards are then given to you so that you can mail them to whomever you choose to so they may also participate in the Mass. The stipend or offering given, signifies the sacrificial nature of giving of something of yourself to associate more intimately with Christ who offers himself in the Eucharist. Mass Stipends are $10 (requested) per Mass request.


New Crucifix and Tabernacle

Father Brian received overwhelming support from the people of the parish to move forward with the plan to complete the sanctuary by purchasing a new tabernacle to be installed behind the altar in the sanctuary. Additionally, a new crucifix has been commissioned which will feature a corpus that matches our statues in size, color, and style. It will be about three months for these items to be delivered and installed. The tabernacle that is currently in the chapel will become our tabernacle of repose where the Blessed Sacrament is placed when the sanctuary is used for purposes other than liturgy. Thanks be to God!


Annual Catholic Appeal

To date we have had $64,827 pledged of assigned goal of $77,985. Can you help us get the rest of the way?? We need all of your help!! The Annual Catholic Appeal makes it possible for us carry out our mission of energizing the Catholic faithful and communities in eastern Washington, who are united as one Church in the Diocese of Spokane.


Prayer for Vocations

In his letter formally appointing Fr Brian to be our Parish Administrator, Bishop Daly writes, "As you take up this new service, I pray that in and through this ministry you will grow in priestly holiness, sharing the joy and peace of the Risen Christ, His first gift to His apostles. I would also ask that you take a personal and special interest in promoting and praying for vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life in our Diocese." And so we pray:

O Father, you desire all of us to be happy.
Stir up the grace of a religious vocation in the hearts
of many men and women.
Grant to them the willingness and generosity
to give of themselves, their lives, their time and their talents
to the service of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord
and Savior, and to His Holy Church.


Recycling Cabinet

You will notice that the trash cabinet in the dining room has been recommissioned and is now serving as the Recycling Cabinet. Non–recyclable trash will be collected in regular garbage cans next to the Recycling Cabinet. Please help us by using the appropriate bin when you are discarding something. Thank you!!


St. Joseph Friday School (SJFS)

The St Joseph Friday School iffer encouragement and academic support to homeschooling families in the parish through weekly classes and field trips.

For more infroamtion, contact Natalie Schroeder at 509–467–6981.



eScrip Program

Want to help raise money for the St Joseph Youth Program or New Hope Resource Center? eScrip is fundraising made easy. It´s free. You can support up to three schools or nonprofits by registering store cards to earn funds for the programs you choose. You can earn money and shop online or shop locally, dine out, or book travel, and earn automatically when you shop. Thousands of merchants are giving back to help these organizations. Make sure you have registered any or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards to make earning automatic at more places you shop. For more information, go to




Mysterious Yellow Envelopes

Ever wonder what the yellow envelopes are for? Under the leadership of Bishop Bernard Topel in the late 1950´s, the Diocese of Spokane entered into an agreement with the Diocese of Solola in Guatemala to share spiritual, material, and human resources. In 1966 the Bishops of Spokane and Solola reaffirmed their relationship via a ministerial covenant. Your donations through the yellow envelopes or online at Parish Pay allow our parish to make regular monthly payments which support the Ixtahuacan Youth Group program, students in Ixtahuacan attending school and seminary, and the operation of the Marian Center, which is used for religious education and other parish gatherings. Without our donations these programs would not exist for the people of Ixtahuacan. Please remember our friends in Guatemala when planning your charitable giving.


Ministry Sign-Up

Please prayerfully consider how your gifts might be used in this new year.


First Sunday of Every Month

Food Sundays

Food Sundays

The Knights of our parish have teamed up with the Social Concerns Committee to help feed the hungry of our area. The first Sunday of each month is now Food Sunday, and the Knights will be collecting food and donations at all Masses that weekend.


Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Our Parish nurses will test your blood pressure after each Sunday Mass in the conferance room.

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